How to Give Your House a Luxurious Makeover with the Best Window Replacement Ideas

red roof and blue trim window Window replacement ideas have taken the internet by storm in recent years, as manufacturers have come up with a growing array of high quality windows that you can buy at a relatively affordable price. While the best windows out there are still quite expensive, you don’t really need a lot of money to aim for a more luxury-oriented, high end appearance by replacing your existing, old windows.

The Ranch House Look

Turning your home into a ranch house just by changing the design of your windows isn’t always possible, but it can take you pretty close. Fixed windows are typically used for this purpose, although most manufacturers have other names for them these days, including stationary transom and casement windows.

You can also get awning windows to add enhanced appeal to traditional fixed windows. Awning windows are not too expensive, and their unique upward opening will give you the impression that you live in a real life ranch house.

Finally, warmer climate homes might benefit from louver windows. These windows do lose some of their insulating properties, but in warmer areas they won’t be a problem, not to mention that they’ll give you an authentic feel of what it was like to own an expensive home in the 1960s.

Gliding Windows for a Refreshing New Appearance

Gliding windows are extremely appealing due to their ability to open easily through a simple, horizontal motion, without disturbing any of your furniture or decoration items that are placed too close to the window.

As a result, gliding windows will give you a more refreshing appearance and much greater freedom regarding the interior décor items you choose. Moreover, gliders hold up very well against wind and rain, and there’s no risk for the windows to become damaged by being accidentally slammed against anything.

Larger Glass Horizontal Windows

Large, horizontally oriented windows are among the classiest and most luxurious options available at your disposal when you want your house to look really expensive.

Steel and aluminum windows featuring casement and double-hung designs are typically your best choice in this case. The horizontal design will add to the appealing look of a low, one-story home, while the larger glass and fewer grid patterns will make your windows look bigger and allow them to literally flood your rooms with light.

What You Should Avoid

Authentic, period windows may seem like a good idea at first, until you realize how much of a hassle they can be. Compared to newer window designs that are known for their durability and energy-efficiency, period window designs are fraught with problems, even in the case of some of the best manufacturers, such as Frank Lloyd Wright or Fallingwater.

Old, aluminum framed windows are also a problem because they can barely keep any of the cold out in freezing temperatures. If you live in a warmer or balanced climate area, you can usually try them, however, colder temperatures tend to be associated with exaggerated heating costs, when you use these windows.

By following a few of these tips and ideas, as well as consulting with Colorado Springs roofers, you can easily get rid of your old windows and use some of the most luxurious options on the market to put into motion the best window replacement ideas that money can buy, even on a less impressive budget.