How to Know If A Realtor Is Good

Greenfield Realtors Are Great

The realtor that you hire for selling your home or for helping you buy the perfect new one can make all the difference in the process – a good realtor will shorten the time that your property spends on the market or will show you properties for sale that match your preferences and will also lift much of the stress related to the sale or to the purchase. While all realtors need to pass several difficult exams to obtain their realtor certificates, not all of them work in the same segment of the real estate market, not all of them have the same experience or carry a portfolio that proves their compatibility with your project and not all of them have the personality that inspires you trust, so here are a few clues that will tell you the realtor you are talking to meets your requirements.

You Feel that You Can Work Together

The relationship between you and your realtor is like any business relationship: it should be based on mutual trust and at least a little bit of mutual liking. After hiring your realtor, you will probably spend quite a lot of time discussing properties and options, so if you have a realtor that you like being around, it is a sign that your realtor is, indeed, the right expert for you.

Responsiveness and Availability

A good realtor is a good business professional and a good business professional is aware of the importance of being responsive and available all the time. Your realtor should answer your phone calls or should return the call within reasonable time, they should reply to your emails and text messages within reasonable time and they should never be late for meetings.

Good Realtors Can Help You Figure Out the Best Financing Solution

Good Greenfield realtors know not only the real estate market, but the mortgage and loan market as well, providing you useful information not only about properties and buyers, but about down payments, interest types, reliable banks and other lenders as well as your overall costs in case you choose one option over the other.


A good realtor will offer you a professional opinion based on figures and trends, not one that serves the sole purpose of sounding good to you. A good realtor will not let you market your home for un unreal price and will not let you get into a mortgage that will cause you to go bankrupt, not even if you want that property very much. In other words, a good realtor will tell it in your face if what you want is anot a good idea – it is a quality that you should appreciate, even if it can be uncomfortable to deal with.

A Problem-Solver

A good realtor is prepared to handle difficulties in the process of buying or selling property. There is hardly any real estate transaction that goes without at least a little bit of difficulty, but a good realtor does not give up easily and will fight for representing the client’s interest the best way possible.