Is It Worth The Money To Do A Bathroom Remodel?

The temple of cleanliness, aka your bathroom, needs constant loving care. But there is a point when you should consider a full remodeling job. No matter how diligently you scrub, the space between tiles remains dirty (and could foster germs in the hot and humid atmosphere of the bathroom). There is a small leaking problem under the sink. The toilet does not flush properly. The bath tub has lost its initial spotless sparkle and looks dull and with dry soap traces even after a thorough cleaning.

Is A Remodel Worth The Money

Time to Choose: Contractor or DIY Job?

A full bathroom remodel Denver area can be very expensive – going as much as $250 per square foot if you want the latest trends in bathroom amenities and decorations. However, even if you are going to keep your options down to basic and affordable items, you will still have to pay anything between $20,000 and $25,000 for a full bathroom remodel.

The question is: should you pay so much money, or should you trust your DIY skills and remodel your bathroom on your own? What exactly do you get extra for paying a contractor to oversee your bathroom remodel?

What a Full Bathroom Remodel Consists Of

Before you make the decision, you should understand what a bathroom remodel involves. It is not only about a fresh coat of paint and changing one or two damaged items. It is a complete makeover that will give you, in the end, a brand new bathroom.

1. Plumbing and Wiring

Old water pipes and electric wires are not only a nuisance. They can lead to expensive leaks or even fatal accidents. Patchwork will take you only a little bit down the road. The only safe option is to change the entire plumbing and wiring in the bathroom.

And this is a job that is definitely not something you should do yourself. You should hire licensed plumbers and electricians and let them decide the materials and the routing for each pipe and wire so that your bathroom will be safe to use.

2. Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles for the bathroom are subject to a lot of wear and tear. The grouting between them is highly prone to cracking and accumulation of dust and dirt. In the humid and hot environment of this room these cracks can become a haven for all sorts of bacteria and fungi.

When it comes to laying floor tiles, enthusiast DIYers could tackle this job. But – a fair warning: it is a physical and dirty job. You may want consider the benefits of saving money against the convenience of having professionals do that instead of you.

3. Shower Cabin/ Bath Tub Installation

A new shower cabin or bath tub will prove their worth once you start using them. Smooth, clean surfaces and ergonomic design are just two key characteristics of new bathroom amenities.

When it comes to the installation part, you should leave it to professionals. It is true that some shower cabins are supplied as easy to assemble kits (like IKEA furniture). But correctly installing a bath tub is a whole different job – it requires skill and precision.

4. Cabinets and Mirrors

New bathroom cabinets are made more space saving than older model. They may look more practical and will fewer decorative trims, but they also have more shelves and drawers to store your bathrobes, towels and toiletries. Even mirrors have built-in shelves for your morning routine toiletries.

This is an area of bathroom remodel that you can definitely do yourself. There is little effort involved and you can arrange cabinets and mirrors the way you see fit.

5. Toilet and Sink Installation

These items should be replaced once in a while for the sheer sake of hygiene. You can find many affordable models that are suited in size even for very small bathrooms.

As for installation – leave it to the experts, this is our advice?

So, is it worth the money to do a bathroom remodel? If the comfort, health and safety of your family matter to you, then the answer is YES!