The Advantages of a Gated Community – Safety, Economic Value, a Sense of Community and Much More

The numerous advantages of a gated community have made this form of residence very popular among younger and older generations as well. Gated communities are neighborhoods surrounded by gated fences to control access to and exit from the neighborhood premises, but safety is not the only benefit that make these neighborhoods so much sought after – here are some more.

Protected Public Areas

beautiful public space in gated community

In a gated community, it is not only the residential areas that enjoy enhanced safety and protection – the public spaces and the facilities available for the residents, such as the community pool, the tennis courts and the park in the neighborhood center are also protected by the gates.

Increased Comfort and a Cleaner Environment

The gates that surround these communities make the entire neighborhood quieter as well. The gates reduce pass-through traffic considerably, making the entire neighborhood friendlier and quieter. Speed limits are also lower in gated communities, making housing in these areas more suitable for families with young children who can safely play around the house whenever they want.

Reduced traffic also means cleaner air and a healthier environment, what’s more, gated communities usually feature lots of green spaces that also promote healthier living circumstances.

Harmonious Appearance

The housing units within a gated community usually harmonize in terms of appearance – the streets in gated communities usually feature the same style, with friendly, white picket fences, welcoming decks and houses that exude a kind of homely elegance.

Status Symbols

Many gated communities near me provide luxury housing options that encourage high-income families to purchase property in these walled neighborhoods, which indirectly promotes urban development and is beneficial for the entire district or town that gives home to the community.

Beneficial for the Economy

The buying power of the residents in gated communities have positive impact on the local economy as a whole. The municipalities that provide land for the development of gated communities can often benefit from favorable tax conditions, which can further promote urban and economic development.

Higher Property Value

The residential units in gated communities are usually more expensive than similar housing outside the gates, but the higher initial investments come with more stable housing value as well. Properties in gated areas are likely to preserve their value or to grow over time, even in periods of substantial drops in housing prices. Homes in gated communities sell better and faster, too – the gates being an efficient deterrent against crime, the homes in walled areas are more attractive for buyers.

A Stronger Sense of Community

Gated neighborhoods share a stronger sense of community. Residents know each other better, they know exactly who belongs to the neighborhood and who is a stranger and they help each other more willingly as well. Cohesion is further strengthened by the numerous events hosted in these communities, such as yard sales, street sporting events, street parties and other kinds of friendly, casual events.

The list with the advantages of a gated community can go on and on – if you already like the idea of moving into a walled neighborhood, check out the nearest community and the housing options available there.