What is Done During a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Video inspection is an indispensable operation to determine the condition of obsolete pipes, or to check the quality of an installation or repairing operation. The CCTV equipment visualizes the inside of the pipes, thus determining the cause of repeated blockages, the malfunction of the sewerage, the location of the leaks etc.

The central unit is typically equipped with software, which records, stores and analyzes the segment, the set of pipes diagnosed, preparing reports that include:

  • Detailed description of the inspected location
  • Viewing connections by rotating the camera lens horizontally (360 degrees) and vertically
  • Measuring the slope of the pipe and generating the slope chart
  • Video recording in different formats, with the possibility of storage on memory sticks etc.
  • Creating multiple events, e.g. pictures with descriptions etc.

A flexible cable with a high resolution camera at the top is inserted into pipes with a diameter between 40mm and 600mm. The cable allows the camera to run the entire length of the pipe (even through elbows and branches), to see its condition inside. The live transmission of these images inside the pipe allows the technicians to assess its overall condition and to detect particular problems. If the sewer pipe is blocked, the technician can determine the exact location of the problem.

Causes that cause damage to sewer lines may be due to: aging of the material from which pipes are built, the influence of water pressure, the design, execution and operation, the influence of external loads, accidents etc. Denver HVAC professionals tell us that the video inspection camera detects installation faults, geometry issues, leaks, deformations, obstacles etc.

The CCTV test is mandatory for certain projects containing sewerage works, together with the leak test.

People should realize that the sewerage works are complex and many problems may be hidden; that`s why they should ask sewer technicians to perform a video inspection that may reveal damaged buried sewer sections or leaks closed in niches, and avoid dealing with unpleasant and costly surprises. Video inspection of the sewer pipe is also recommended if it has just been cleaned with a high pressure jet to check whether it has been completely cleaned.

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Sewer inspection cameras can be pushing camera types or inspection robots.

The utility of a sewer camera inspection is undeniable. Unfortunately, there can be situations in which unclogging or cleaning maneuvers come to a standstill due to strong obstacles on the sewer line. These obstacles may occur for different reasons. Sometimes, wooden, plastic or metal objects that reach the sewer cannot go through the elbows; other times, the deposits that usually form inside the pipes due to grease and debris accumulation become too big and too solid to be disintegrated naturally. Also, in some places, a sewer pipe may be cracked, allowing soil, sand or tree roots to enter.

The moment they hit a strong blockage, sewer workers can only assume what is creating this blockage. This is one of the moments when the CCTV equipment can make a significant difference. Modern equipment allows specialists to carry out inspections of the sewer lines and record the results indicating exactly what and where is the problem. Specifically, these devices help to quickly assess the structural condition of a sewer line, which receive a “diagnosis” and, depending on it, it is or it is not included on a list of priorities for repairs or rehabilitation works.