Getting Prepared For Your Steel Building Construction

Preparing For Construction

Buildings can be made of various materials that influence directly the stability during their lifespan. Many developers and builders are currently choosing metal (steel) in constructing new buildings, due to its particular properties.

Steel has many advantages, which is why it is now used on a rather large scale. If you want to raise a durable construction able to pass the test of time, you have to choose steel instead of traditional materials. Any building based on this material will have better stability, which will increase its resistance and durability in time. Steel is a high-quality building material that meets and even exceeds the recommendations made by construction manufacturers and other specialists.

Opting for steel building construction is now the cheapest option followed by the traditional brick and concrete houses; the most expensive option is the house made of wood.

The fact that steel buildings are more affordable doesn`t make them less efficient, on the contrary. These constructions are safe, strong, energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

How to build a house on a metal structure

Frames made of metal are fixed to the concrete foundation chemically and mechanically, from 50 to 50 centimeters, to ensure stability and safety.

The walls of the house are typically made of OSB boards and polystyrene plastered on glass fiber mesh. Interior walls are made of double layer drywall. An insulating layer of glass laminated with aluminum foil is mounted between the outer and the inner wall. Walls designed like this provide high thermal and sound comfort, equivalent to 1.20 meters thick masonry walls.

How to make the floor

The floor is made with metallic beams, dimensioned according to the project and 20 mm OSB plates fastened with special screws. A layer of thick extruded polystyrene is placed over this structure, before casting the cement and sand.

Advantages of steel building construction

Metal buildings become more and more popular and are expected to replace progressively the traditional buildings. This popularity is not random and comes from the many advantages they provide. The time necessary for installation is considerably reduced, as the metal structure is 70% factory-built and made to be easy to use. Anyone has the ability to assemble a steel building construction kit, not to mention that installation can be performed in any season and weather conditions. Metal buildings also provide increased earthquake resistance. Because steel beams and other construction elements used in a metal building are rigid and non-organic, they will not move or change properties throughout the years.  As such, doors and windows of a metal building will always close tightly. Also, steel is not as heavy as other building materials, making it easier for constructors to use.

Site preparation for your steel building construction

If the project is too big for engineering the site on your own, you must contact a local contractor to handle the work. Preparations are not that different from traditional building and involve marking underground utilities, relocating utilities in order to connect them to your new building, moving earth and creating an even surface.